Services For Your Whole Family

Our Core Dental Services

  • Dental cleanings for the entire family
  • Treatments and therapies for mild to moderate gum disease
  • Comprehensive exams and digital dental x-rays
  • Diagnosis of dental cavities and faulty restorations
  • Evaluation of gums and supportive bone
  • TMJ and jaw musculature analysis
  • Cosmetic exam and smile analysis
  • Tooth replacements (implant restorations, bridges, partial dentures, complete dentures)
  • Dental extractions / oral surgery (evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may be referred to an accredited oral surgeon depending on the complexity of the case)
  • Root canal therapy (evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may be referred to an endodontist depending on the complexity)
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Digital x-rays and intraoral images, panoramic image
  • Fillings/restorations (tooth colored composites)
  • Metal free ceramic crowns
  • Cosmetic bonding

Popular Elective Services


  • Cosmetic Bleaching ( depending on desired results and expectations, we offer two options: professional white strips, and take-home bleaching kits )
  • Go Opalescence Teeth whitening 
  • Improved sleep/eliminate snoring prosthesis
  • NTI prosthesis to prevent clenching/grinding and to treat migraines
  • MI paste – to treat tooth sensitivity and prevent tooth decay
  • Fluoride treatments

Comfort & Spa-Like Services

Belmont Dentistry takes care and compassion to another level, with our Comfort Menu. Be sure to ask a team member about our special spa-like treatments that will take away stress and anxiety.

Complimentary Beverages (Water, Coffee, Tea)

  •       Noise Canceling Ear-Buds
  •       Warm Scented Towels (following treatment)
  •       Warm Fleece Blanket (available for appointment)
  •       Heated Neck Wraps-Comfort/Support
  •       Disposable Toothbrush with Toothpaste
  •       Ergonomic Mouth Props to Prevent Jaw Strain
  •       Flavored Tooth Polishes
  •       Natural Lip Balm to Prevent Dry/Cracked Lips
  •       Strong Topical Numbing Gel for Comfort
  •       Nitrous Oxide (Gas) Available (fees may apply)
  •       Anti-Anxiety Medications (available upon request)
  •       Sugar-Free Gums/Mints & Refreshing Mouthwash
  •       Pillows to support Back and Legs

**In-office music and overhead satellite TVs are provided in each treatment room 

**The office is professionally scented for relaxation

Pain-Free Care Options

You'll love how gentle our hygienists are! We strive for pain-free care through the use of strong topical anesthetic gel to eliminate the pain of injections. We also use the best anesthetics available to provide profound anesthesia to help eliminating tooth pain or sensitivity during care. Nitrous oxide is also available as a relaxing agent.


Emergency Dental Services

We gladly accept emergency calls during business and non-business hours for patients of record. Feel free to use our emergency telephone service for assistance.

Emergency Calls Welcome: (616) 284-3200