Your First Appointment

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Your first appointment will be a Comprehensive Exam which will cover the following:


  •      Soft tissue exam and oral cancer screening
  •      Charting of existing teeth and dental restorations
  •      Evaluation of TMJ and occlusion
  •      Digital dental x-rays (may be transferred from previous office)
  •      Evaluation of existing teeth, previous restorations, and gum health
  •      Periodontal charting to determine gum and bone health
  •      Intra-oral pictures
  •      Cosmetic evaluation (shade determination and smile analysis)
  •      Consultation and treatment options presented as well as treatment
    plan established
  •      Coordination of any dental benefits.

Sometimes a dental cleaning can be provided at the first appointment if there is available time within the hygienists' schedule, if the patient doesn’t show signs of gum disease and/or if the patient has minimal plaque/tartar accumulation.

If a patient requires a more extensive type of cleaning than time allows, an alternative treatment date is scheduled.

A treatment plan is established outlining necessary care with the number of appointments necessary, as well as, financial options to cover any out-of-pocket investment. If dental insurance is being utilized, benefits will be incorporated and discussed with a patient care coordinator. If the treatment plan is extensive, sometimes it is necessary to send a predetermination to your insurance company for an accurate cost estimate.